Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Spray foam technology creates seamless joints between studs to reduce air infiltration, and insulates with high performance E-values. Research by the National Institute of Standards and Technology has shown that air-barrier systems in non-residential buildings reduce air leakage by up to 83%. Further, the research showed that buildings with effective air barriers save more than 40% on gas bills and cut down on electrical consumption in excess of 25%.

  •  saves on energy costs

  •  no air leakage

Superior Comfort and Indoor Quality

Spray Foam Technology stops air and moisture infiltration which reduces:

  •  mold

  •  mildew

  •  bacteria

  •  dust

  •  pollen  

Eliminates Bug Traffic

Spray Foam Insulation is SEAMLESS which eliminates:

  •  gaps

  •  cracks

  •  holes

and allows no access points for BUG traffic.​​

Excellent Sound Control

Spray Foam Insulation is ideal for reducing exterior noise, but is also ideal for interior applications such as:

  • Media rooms

  • Reducing pipe stack noise from upstairs bathrooms

  • Creating privacy zones between adjoining bedroom walls.

Excellent Resale Value

Part of an Energy Star* home

Second, its rigidity provides added structural integrity to your walls.



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